Arctic Refuge Virtual Bird Fest

“We walked in the same path as my ancestors”

Joanne Bryant remembers a family summer vacation into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Mountains and spruce trees surround blue water.
Mountains and boreal forest at the edge of Arctic Village. 📷 Danielle Brigida/USFWS
Boreal Jacob’s ladder and elegant paintbrush flowers. 📷 Alexis Bonogofsky for USFWS
Purple flowers on green shrubs.
Dwarf fireweed blooms in clusters. 📷 Lisa Hupp/USFWS
Closeup of black spruce bark: dark brown and patchy with small bits of white lichen
Black spruce bark. 📷 Greg Blick/Creative Commons Flickr
Wild foods: a muskrat and a greater scaup swim in Arctic ponds. 📷 Peter Pearsall/USFWS
A loon with gray head and red marking on throat floats on a pond with sedges.
Red throated loon on an Arctic pond. 📷 Lisa Hupp/USFWS
Blueberries on a low shrub nestled into green and yellow tundra plants.
Alpine blueberry. 📷 Lisa Hupp/USFWS
Underwater image of a grayling with colorful rainbow scales and a green colored tail.
Arctic grayling. 📷 Kristine Sowl/USFWS
White flowers in small clusters growing close to the ground and tundra.
Labrador tea. 📷 Allen Stegman/USFWS
White cottongrass blowing in the wind along the bank of a small lake bordered with mountains and spruce trees.
Arctic Refuge cottongrass and lake. 📷 Alexis Bonogofsky for USFWS



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