‘We are Aleuts. Let the people know.’

US Fish and Wildlife Service joins commemoration of the Aleut evacuation and internment

June 14, 2017 Evacuation Day prayers at the East Landing memorial Photos: USFWS/Lisa Hupp
Aquilina Lestenkof leads the procession in Unungan song from the village to East Landing. Photo: USFWS/Lisa Hupp
After prayer, an elder places a flower in the ocean in remembrance of those evacuated. Photo: USFWS/Lisa Hupp
Lestenkof holds a bag with her belongings that she symbolically carried to East Landing on Evacuation Day Photo: USFWS/Lisa Hupp
Tribal President, Amos Philemonof, holds stones carried from Funter Bay to be placed with the memorial at East Landing. Photo: Lisa Hupp/USFWS
USFWS Acting Director Jim Kurth and Greg Fratis, Sr. embrace, and USFWS Alaska Director Greg Siekaniec gives a warm handshake to 90 year old internment survivor Haretina Krukoff following the agency’s apology Photos: USFWS/Lisa Hupp
Unungan dancers perform songs revived after they had been lost to interference by outsiders Photos: USFWS/Lisa Hupp
Play ball, St. Paul! Greg Fratis, Sr. watches the first game of the annual tournament. Photos: USFWS/Lisa Hupp

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