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The Loss of Birdsongs

An Elder’s lifetime of observations in Arctic Village, Alaska

portrait of an elder
portrait of an elder
Trimble Gilbert. 📷 USFWS/Lisa Hupp

Full audio of Trimble Gilbert’s interview:

Artic Village, Alaska. 📷 USFWS

Juk drink dettit gweedhaa Arctic Refuge (Nijin gwats’an gwandall goodlit) Ginjik tyah Chiitsal gwaheelyaa, izhit geenjit gwilii t’agwahee’yaa, Chiitsal Arctic Refuge gwideek’it gwats’an yeenin 49 Nahkat Gwachoh ts’a’ chuu choh gwataa K;iinin Nahkat daazhyaa goolil datthak chan t’agarahnyaa. Chiitsal nall dinkii Arctic Refuge. Izhit geenjit deeniindhan?

Black-capped chickadee. 📷 USFWS

“The difference now today, is they’ve declined. And, another problem is: birds, they don’t sing anymore.”

An American robin in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 📷 USFWS

“Our favorite bird is a robin. There is still a few robins around here, not very many like before.”

White-fronted geese migrating in Arctic Refuge. 📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich

“I’m sharing all the things I know, the important things I know, from the stories. I want the world and certain people to, to know, what we know up this way.”

Trimble Gilbert. 📷 USFWS?/Lisa Hupp

Full audio of Trimble Gilbert’s interview:

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