“The Best Summer of My Life”

Left: Volunteer instructor leading an activity with campers. Right: Youth volunteer Arielle helps a young camper during fishing day.
Left: Youth volunteer Nia Pristas exploring a tidepool with a camper. Right: Kodiak Refuge Youth Leadership volunteers Mattie and Nia with Education Specialist Shelly Lawson.
Each week, Salmon Camp participants spend a day fishing at the nearby Buskin River — volunteers keep everything going smoothly with instruction, untangling, and educational games.
Volunteer instructor Frank Prince with campers investigating the forest, making a group sign, and in the field at Adventure Camp.
Volunteer Instructor Maggie Russell with campers exploring the beach and making a salmon mobile.
Volunteer Instructor Ashleigh Lusher with campers on a tide pool field trip and in the classroom.




Stories from Alaska by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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U.S.Fish&Wildlife Alaska

U.S.Fish&Wildlife Alaska

Stories from Alaska by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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