All the Fish

Northern Pike

looking down an ice fishing hole
View into the Northern Pike’s winter world. A flasher (upper right) allows anglers to monitor depth and view fish activity in relation to their lure. 📷 Katrina Liebich
A Northern Pike hugs the weeds in Alaska’s Andreafsky River. 📷 USFWS/Ryan Hagerty
a young angler catches a pike
No matter how many times you’ve caught a pike, it’s always fun to see them come up through a hole in the ice. 📷 Katrina Liebich
Northern Pike on the ice. 📷 Katrina Liebich

“Pike are super aggressive. One time was fishing for pike and I was wading around in this lake and I spooked one. I tossed a little inline spinner in front of it. That thing stopped in its tracks. It knew I was there, but it came back, followed that lure, and SMASHED it. They’ll smash anything shiny. They are so fun!” — Guy Eroh

Pike as Table Fare

the five fillets you can get off of a pike
The six boneless fillets from both sides of one Northern Pike. From left: loins, tails, and sides. 📷 Katrina Liebich
close up of a plate with pike and vegetables
Northern Pike make excellent table fare…fried, boiled, baked or pickled! 📷 Katrina Liebich

Before you go.

sunset on the ice with a close up of hole, scooper and fishing pole
Sunset on the ice. 📷 Trent Liebich



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