Culinary Adventures at the Canning River Camp

Research crew tests their culinary skills and gets creative in a rustic kitchen in remote field camp.

Photo: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS

Off the Grid

Canning River Bird Camp cook tent. Photo: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS
From left to right: Food storage barrels lined up on the side of the weather port, lid of the breakfast and baking food barrel, foods of open barrel. Photos: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS
Large cooler with fresh foods. Photo: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS

Typical Meals

Left: Bowl of oatmeal, raisins and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. Right: Water heats for hot beverages and cereal. Photos: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS
Fourth of July pancake. Photo: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS
Top: Tim Knudson and Sarah Hoepfner build sandwiches for their lunches before heading out for a day of traversing the tundra. Bottom left and right: Barrels of nuts, fruits, crackers, and candy. Photos: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS
Research crew returns to camp. Photo: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS
Left: Chefs stir the beans and meat as they cook on the camp stoves. Right: Aaron Yappert proudly holds a large can of jalapenos. Photos: Andrea Medeiros/USFWS
Maria Berkeland holds three large Arctic grayling she caught in the Canning River. Photo: Maria Berkland/USFWS

Stories from Alaska by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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