Invasive Species

Crabby about Invasive Green Crabs

Alaska feels the pinch for the first time

A person holds a European Green Crab in their hand. The crab has one pincher in the air.
Say hello to my little friend. 📸 Ryan Munes, USFWS

Hungry little crabs with a big impact

The carapace, or shell, of a European green crab alongside a full green crab. The green crab has 5 distinct spines on either side of the eyes.
Invasive green crab carapace and a whole live crab. 📸 Linda Shaw, NOAA
Bright green eelgrass beds line the shore of a coastal beach.
Eelgrass beds of Colby Creek Estuary. 📸 Linda Shaw, NOAA

A crabby welcome to Alaska

A person on a boat holds a trap used to catch European green crabs.
Researcher pulling a shrimp pot used to trap invasive green crabs. 📸 Linda Shaw, NOAA

Learn to identify this critter 🦀

A volunteer holds a green crab next to a sign asking people to keep an eye out for the animal.
Volunteer holding a crab carapace. 📸 Linda Shaw, NOAA



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