Alaskan Women Engineer Passage for Wild Salmon

breaking down barriers, making inroads for Alaska’s fish

Jess and Heather bring engineering expertise to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service design team that works to restore fish passage where roads cross Alaska’s rivers and streams 📷 USFWS Katrina Liebich
End of the road for these salmon. This Kodiak Island culvert was recently replaced with a fish-friendly crossing that lets adults and juveniles move freely up and downstream 🎥 USFWS/Franklin Dekker (gif)
Heather Hanson, a PE and Fish Passage Engineer, is based out of USFWS’s Anchorage Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office 📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich
Jess Straub, Fish Passage Engineering Technician 📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich
Channel-spanning culverts let fish and floods pass freely 📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich
Heather surveys a fish passage barrier with teammate/hydrologist Franklin Dekker where a road crosses an Anchorage salmon stream 📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich
📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich
A new fish-friendly culvert in Kodiak helps baby salmon escape the heat.
Old (left) vs new culvert designs 📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich
Heather and Jess walk the road over a small stream in Mat-Su, Alaska 📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich
A fish-friendly culvert full of animal tracks spans frozen Crooked Creek in Fairbanks in December 📷 USFWS/Katrina Liebich



Stories from Alaska by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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