All the Fish

A Note on Lampreys

Primeval Instruments of the Imagination

close up of an artic lamprey
Arctic Lamprey 📷 University of Alaska Fairbanks/Trent Sutton
An Alaska Brook Lamprey sucking onto the inside of a beaker. 📷 University of Alaska Fairbanks/Trent Sutton

Lamprey Lifestyle

A Lamprey caught in the lower Yukon River. 📷 USFWS/Holly Carroll
lamprey in a river sucked onto a camera lens
close up of a lamprey mouth
Business end of a Pacific Lamprey. 📷 Freshwater Illustrated/USFWS
Chad Carpenter cartoon in “Tundra”

Good Lamprey, Bad Rap

lamprey with a stone in her mouth
lamprey with a stone in her mouth
A Pacific Lamprey moves a stone. 📷 Freshwater Illustrated/USFWS
Subsistence fishermen harvesting lamprey through the ice in Alaska. 📷 Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Pacific lamprey on a rock
Check out this Pacific Lamprey’s nasal pore and light-sensing third “eye”. 📷 USFWS

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trent sutton in a lamprey mask
sabrina garcia
Trent and Sabrina.

Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative

Pacific Lamprey initiative logo showing a school of lampreys swimming up

Stories from Alaska by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service