All The Fish

How Alaska’s only endemic fish found its way to New York City markets

silvery fish in someone’s hands
A Bering Cisco.


Survival and death in a winter wonderland

A willow shrub is covered in ice, sparkling on a sunny day.
Willows house many pollinator species in the winter months. 📷 USFWS

What happens to Alaska’s pollinators in the winter?

All The Fish

New culvert to benefit future generations of fish, Southeast Alaskans

a bus drives over an arched culvert through which a salmon stream passes
Salmon swim through a new channel-spanning arch culvert over Peterson Creek in Sitka, Alaska while a bus takes kids to school overhead. 📷 Sitka Conservation Society/Lione Clare

A fish passage project here was recently completed…just in time for salmon returning to spawn and Sitka’s youth returning to school.

Dispatches from field camps along the moody Alaska coast

Foggy island cliffs and stormy seas.
Stormy seas along an island coast. Photo courtesy of Ian Shive.


Communication and Relationship Building for the Next Generation

A large brown shorebird with long curved bill stands in the grasses of the Arctic tundra.
Whimbrel on tundra breeding grounds. Credit: Shiloh Schulte/USFWS

Invasive Species

Moss balls and zebra mussels

Zebra mussels on a moss ball, surrounded by other moss balls and with “Shrimp Buddies” and “Betta Buddies” packaging in the background
Moss balls come in a variety of styles and sizes including Marimo Balls and Shrimp Buddies, but there’s more to these moss balls than meets the eye. 📷 Deborah Kornblut/USFWS


From Millions to a Few Museum Specimens

brown bird with a long bill
Digital depiction of an Eskimo curlew by USFWS/Christina Nelson

Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge

Up-close look at the order Odonata

digital depiction of a dragonfly showing it on a blade of grass with wings stretched outwards.
Digital depiction of a lake darner dragonfly. 🎨 USFWS/Sara Wolman

“Today I saw the dragonfly…He dried his wings: like gauze they grew; Thro’ crofts and pastures wet with dew. A living flash of light he flew!”


Wildlife enthusiast Nate Olson navigates a career in aviation

Man outside of a float plane with mountains in the background
📷 USFWS/Lisa Hupp

U.S.Fish&Wildlife Alaska

Stories from Alaska by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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